Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An October To Remember

Several months ago I wrote of learning to "Praise Him In The Storm". This past month  has given me the opportunity to learn this even more. Shortly after returning from a tough trip to Haiti, I lost my job here in the States over Haiti trips. The following week our family dog died tragically. It was a very long month. Fortunately, I have just started a new job that will still allow me to travel to Haiti, and we are slowly adjusting to life without Chloe.

With the recent Cholera outbreak in Haiti along with the hundreds of lives lost, and now a tropical storm bearing down on the island. In comparison, I have little to be complaining about. One very bright spot in all of this was that, thanks to the incredible generosity of our medical supplies donors; Food For The Poor and the Catholic Medical Mission Board, our hospital in Haiti, St' Francois de Sales was able to provide many clinics across North Haiti with needed beds, IV supplies, and fluids for the thousands of victims of the Cholera outbreak.

Due to financial constraints, I have had to postpone my planned November trip to Haiti. If the upcoming elections in Haiti go smoothly, I am planning a short trip in early December. We already have a lot on the schedule in Haiti beginning mid-January. I will write more on this soon.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers. They really have had enough trouble for one year.

Peace and grace,