Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting Ready

What a day! I woke up with the expectation of saying "no", but was so touched by God that I had no choice but to "yes" instead. Peaceful. Fearful. Awestruck. Excited. All words that can describe the range of emotions I am going through.

As dissatisfaction with my life's direction was nearing its peak, God literally stepped in. After being invited to visit Haiti and help provide medical care in the aftermath of the tragic earthquake I was told by my manager that my territory needed me much worse than Haiti did. Word for word. If I were truly a salesman, I probably would have bought it and would be looking forward to another day on the treadmill tomorrow. Instead, my very being and reason for being a caregiver, a Registered Nurse, screamed no to the manager, and yes to God.

So many freak things have happened in the past two days to show me the way I should go, I honestly think I may have been struck by lightning if I had failed to listen to His call. Out of the blue two different people have told me that when you open the door to God, be ready. He will take your life and do some amazing things.

In seeing Him work in my life the last two days, I have come to know what it means to "fear the Lord". After getting off of the phone this morning when my no had become a yes, I was literally trembling. I have never in my 51 years felt the unbelievable power of God at work in my life as I have in this time.

I leave for Haiti in the morning. In reality I know I am leaving for something much bigger. My own personal Haiti. My own earth shattering, volcano erupting, hurricane strength journey with God genuinely in control. Right now - I am just along for the ride. Learning faith by saying yes.

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  1. Beautifully written! A testiment to your faith to allow God to show you a new direction...