Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have not been able to update my blog in several days due to how busy we have gotten. As the UN and Army saw the resources in medical personnel and supplies we had, they began funneling an increasing number of casualties our way. This has resulted in us caring for so many people each day we can't keep count. Literally in the thousands. I have extended my stay until Wednesday. My prayer is that my daughter Katie doesn't go into labor before then. I would really like to be present for the birth of my 1st Grandchild, but feel so guilty for leaving these people in such desperate need.

My current plan is to return to Atlanta on Wednesday, stay for a couple of weeks following Lyla's birth, then return to Haiti for a longer period of time. While in Atlanta I will be raising financial support to provide for my family in my absence. The needs in Haiti are both, immense and immediate.

I appreciate your prayers for our group, but even more so for the people of Haiti. I will post photos and stories when I am back in Atlanta.

Peace and grace from Haiti.

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