Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never Lose The Amazement

A Good Start...

One of my primary goals in returning to Haiti was to work closely with the Hospital St. Francois de Sales in bringing in teams of surgeons and utilizing our operating room in order to help provide needed health care to impoverished Haitians. The realization of that goal got off to a fantastic start this week, thanks in large part to a great team of physicians from Nebraska. The team is made
up of doctors that have been working in Haiti for an incredibly long time - some of the team have made over 35 trips here. They worked very long hours, in a very hot operating room, bettering the lives of many Haitian people this week, while freely giving of themselves. I learned more from this group than they will ever know. Service, patience, humility, kindness, and giving all describe their hearts and attitudes.One of the best parts was that we also had a pre-med student, as well as a 4th year medical school student working with them. 

As I watched them work together passing down their medical knowledge, I could only pray that their incredible legacy of service was being passed on as well. Knowing the hearts of the students, I am pretty confident that this was the case. As I kept busy keeping the clinic, the operating room, and other projects flowing smoothly it was difficult to have the time to interact with the Haitian patients. Apparently they were watching me though. Each time I stopped near one, the heartfelt gratitude they expressed was enough to bring tears to my eyes. They really do appreciate the people that come here to help them.

A really cool "coincidence" this week, or in Melaney Cost's words; "my God sighting", was when we realized we would be unable to have a Haitian anesthesiologist for the first part of the week and the way in which the prayer was answered. I have really come to know that these things seem to always work out and are taken care of. I traveled to Milot with hat in hand (and a truckload of medical supplies) to ask for assistance from them. As the he and I traveled back to our hospital, in talking, we discovered that he was from a town a very short distance away from the surgeons we had working with us; in fact, he has even been on trips to Haiti with these doctors in the past. Imagine the surprise when they all met in the operating room the next morning.
As I told Chick, the CRNA, I will never stop being amazed by
God's support, providence, and power - but I am slowly learning not to sweat things, as I see that He seems to always provide.

We have really slow internet here at the parish so I haven't been able to post as often as I would like. With a million things to do, I honestly don't have the time to sit at a computer and wait a long time for things to load. If my fund raising is strong enough in the next week or two, I will get an air card connection from a local cell company which will speed things up considerably and allow me to post more frequently. If you've
been reading my blog for long, I'm guessing you have picked up on my anxiety over fund raising. As I pondered my statement to Chick, to "never stop being amazed, but trust that God will provide", I realize this has to apply to every facet of my mission here. I am trying very hard to focus on my "daily bread" and let tomorrow take care of itself a little more. I ask for your prayers as I grow in this.

A really good note is that one of the micro-loans I made on my first trip down was to two brothers for them to be able to open up a little sidewalk refreshment stand. They contacted me this week, then came out to visit me Friday evening. While their record keeping has a ways to go, they did have records of each day's sales, along with their 10% of the receipts as payment for the loan. This will soon enable me to make an additional micro-loan. This is very exciting progress in the area of job creation. When I am back in Atlanta in April, I hope to collect a few air compressors, tire plugging kits, pressure washers, and car wash supplies. These items will easily allow people to start a good and profitable business in Haiti.

A couple of the doctors asked how they could help support my work here financially. My church, Campus Church of Christ, is graciously accepting donations on my behalf. This allows your support to provide tax benefits for you as well. Their mailing address is:  Campus Church of Christ, 1525 Indian Trail Lilburn Road, Norcross, GA 30093 (Please attach a note indicating that the contribution is for Randy Moore:  Haiti mission funds)
I sincerely appreciate everyone's prayers and support. As I watch God's power at work through me here in Haiti, the power of your prayers is very evident.
Grace and peace,

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