Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a Morning

Father Geordani called me down to the clinic shortly after Mass was finished this morning. A dear Haitian lady was in the throes of labor and complications were feared due to her age and the number of children she has had. We needed to take her to the government hospital in Cap-Haitien. Somehow, I have become the designated ambulance driver here as well.

As we sped the horribly bumpy and dusty 20 minutes to the hospital with light and siren blaring Mama Mwen kept telling me it was time for the baby - in Kreyol of course. I implored her to hold on. As we reached the maternitie ward at the hospital and I lifted her from the back the ambulance, she immediately squatted on the ground and hugged my legs. I was yelling for a gurney or wheelchair, Mama was groaning loudly, and a crowd was forming. Haitians can form a crowd faster than anyone I have ever seen. As I watched for a wheelchair, her older daughters spread a cloth underneath Mama. As she squeezed me tighter, I heard the soft cries of a new life entering the world.

Seeing that the cord was wrapped around the neck a few times, I quickly unwrapped it and swaddled the baby. Laying the baby in the Mama's lap, I obeyed the newly arrived doctor and went and washed my hands. The Mama is fine, as is the little boy - To be named Randy. Of course here in Haiti it will be "Wandy"!

Imagine my surprise when I walked out of the hospital to be greeted by cheers and applause from the Haitian crowd. I am not including photos as I think that Mama Mwen suffered enough indignity in having to bear the child before a crowd. Suffice it to say that watching another new life begin on this Sunday morning on a dirty road in Haiti gives hope to the dreams many here share of helping this country begin anew as well.

Grace and Peace,

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  1. Amazing story! I don't even know who you are but your blog is amazing. I hope to come to Haiti in June. Thank you for this wonderful blog, and your presective. How long will you be staying there?