Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back In Haiti

I made it safely back to Haiti yesterday afternoon, despite a pretty dicey flight on one of the banana republic commuter planes from Port Au Prince. I had really hoped to find Haiti on the mend upon my return but it hasn't started happening yet. Even more people are returning to Port Au Prince from the hamlets they fled to following the earthquake. This is only swelling the populations in the already overcrowded tent cities. They say hurricanes are on the way. Not a good thing if you're living in a tent. It seems like the problem is a combination of countries being slow to release pledged aid money along with inherent problems within the Haitian government. It is a process.

I was able to hit the ground running during the night helping in our emergency room with a motorcycle accident victim,  a man who started having seizures out of the blue, and with the birth of a precious new life. My goal for this trip is simply for people to experience God's love through my actions.

I just finished a book named Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I was really convicted by the message in it that the more important I view myself, the harder it is to experience and share God's love. Only by taking self out of the picture will I really be filled with His love and be able to share that love with others. As I read and pondered these thoughts, I couldn't help but think of John 3:16. It seems easier to focus on the last half of the verse, instead of the first. Practically everything can be reduced to "For God so loved the world". Powerful stuff.

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