Saturday, June 19, 2010

The week in Haiti

It has been a very good week in Haiti. Any week in Haiti seems to contain a lot of unexpected challenges, but it is always so inspiring to watch God solve the problems, or provide comfort in tragedy.

We have had an unusually large amount of miscarriages with complications this week. It is no coincidence that we also had a fantastic ob/gyn, Dr. Padilla here this week as well. He was able to provide the needed care, helping to prevent further complications for the women.

We have also had a group of six wonderful people visiting this week from St. Francois' sister parish, St. Margaret's in Michigan. They were really fun to work with and provide so much desperately needed support for the parish here in Haiti. They have been visiting here for many years as well to assist in the work. This trip they bought the welcome news that they had found sister parishes for two other Catholic parishes nearby. This was a very special group of people to work with.

On Friday, Burton, Dr. Maklin, and I traveled to Jaquzyel to visit Mitch - The only currently diagnosed hemophilia patient in Haiti. We were able to provide him with a wheelchair and cell phone during our visit. Due to multiple knee bleeds, surgery, and being misdiagnosed, Mitch is unable to walk. He was having to be transported to school by being carried or on a bicycle. He was thrilled with his "new" chair. The cell phone will allow his Aunt to notify us when he has a bleeding episode so that we can get medicine to him in a timely manner.

Starting the hemophilia program here will make such an incredible impact on so many lives. Again, it amazes me how everything always seems to just "fall in place" here in Haiti. Laurie Kelley and her organization, Save One Life, will end up helping save many lives by their support of this program.

Grace and peace,

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