Saturday, May 8, 2010

Being Reminded To Just Say Yes

If you haven't listened to "Praise Him In The Storm" by Casting Crowns in a while, please do it. It has kept me going a lot this week. Seems like virtually every plan I made was nixed or fell through. What a great reminder of Who is really in charge. I needed it.

Instead of traveling to Port as planned, I'm in Au Cap for at least a few more days. But in those few days - after having Port trip pulled from under me - The government hospital asked if they could send specialty Residents to learn from our surgeons at l'Hopital St. Francois De Sales when various surgeons are doing cases here. As one of the main things God has me here to do is to "help Haitians help other Haitians", this dovetails so perfectly with the mission. I will be in Au Cap at least until Wednesday helping coordinate this.

I guess it is easy to become jaded when surrounded by so much corruption and become quick to judge. This happened in reference to an American team sending valuable medicines to a very good and honest Haitian doctor. Who unfortunately shares a similar sounding last name with a doctor that I have had less then desirable dealings with. I messed up. I labeled the good doctor, based on my experience with the bad doctor. Fortunately we were able to meet, forgive, and make great plans to work together in the future. Once again, God seems to be playing with clay sometimes. Even in infallibility, He brings about good.

It has been a very busy week. Dr. Visani did prostate surgeries at the government hospital 2 days, and surgeries here the remainder of the week. Many Haitians have been blessed by your prayers and encouragement this week.

Grace and peace,

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