Saturday, May 15, 2010

Home again, home again...

I needed to travel home from Haiti a week early to help my wife with some things. Thankfully, through the support of friends from Delta Airlines, this was able to happen quickly - Thanks Mike and David!

I have really been struggling with this blog. It seems that in so many ways it is just bringing glory to me and my works - In reality the glory belongs to God, and the courage of the common Haitian people. I am praying and thinking about how best to deal with this. My 1st thought is to go with more of a quarterly newsletter. In all truthfulness, a lot of the motive for writing this is to assist with raising funds to support the work in Haiti. I am convicted that by doing good works in Haiti, with the primary focus of sharing God's love, everything else will fall in place.

I am also working at developing a better balance between my home life and the work in Haiti. Events over the past couple of weeks, along with numerous financial obligations at home, have made it painfully clear that I have been giving love and time to Haiti, that my family has a right to as well. I'm not stopping the work by any means; I am seeking ways to better balance saying "yes" to God, and honoring my obligations and commitments at home. I would really appreciate your prayers as I try to discern God's will in my life.

I will be returning to Haiti on June 8th for 3 weeks. We have several small teams coming during that time that will provide much needed care for the Haitian people.

Grace and peace,

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