Saturday, September 18, 2010

Good week

As I held a newborn baby in my arms on Thursday, the unfairness of life really struck home. Here lay a beautiful little child, innocent, but simply by being born where she was, destined to a life far different than that of the children of you an me. Instead of a life of pure luxury, this child will soon face a daily quest just for a meal, travel consisting of riding in the back of trucks packed in like cattle, having to bathe in and drink unsanitary water, and living in a level of poverty that no American can comprehend. As my tears fell on this beautiful little girl, I could only smile through them and pray that God will somehow make life different in Haiti, if only for this one little girl.

We had a very busy week. Surgeries daily. As in the past the Haitian health ministry is working with us in providing our nurse anesthetists for our surgeries. Only God could foster the level of cooperation we have achieved with them. One of the coolest parts of the week was when we held a pediatric vaccination clinic on Wednesday at our hospital. It too was supported by the Ministry of Health. The stoic looks on the kid's faces as they received their immunizations was priceless. 

We are anticipating another busy week ahead. A general surgeon arrives Monday evening for a 10 day stay. She will give Dr. Visani, our visiting Urologist, some much needed relief, as well as allow us to operate on 2 or 3 additional patients each day.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the "big picture" when working in Haiti. When holding the little baby, by focusing on her beauty, and the beauty of her creation, the harshness of the reality of her life ahead faded for a moment. I have to tell myself daily - One Haitian at a time. If I can just share God's love with that one, it will have been a good day.

Peace and grace,


  1. Randy!!! Hi I hope all is well in Haiti. Your words are very powerful and I pray that it touches the hearts and minds of everyone. I know it has mine. We miss you back at the office! But you have much bigger things to do here! Keep doing God's work. Be safe.

  2. I'm glad you were there to help a sweet little baby enter the world safely, and I pray for a life of peace for her. Thank you, God!

  3. Also, just read this article about the UN's anti-rape campaign in Haiti's camps. I hope it is sincere and successful