Thursday, April 29, 2010

She Lives

Asthma season has struck hard here. The Haitian clinic doctor sent for me - "Wandy Vini Galope", Randy come quickly last night. I was met with woman in her thirties, a look of terror on her face, as she gasped for her every breath. Her lung sounds were barely audible; and what could be heard was tiny little squeaks. She was in bad shape. In a very short time she would have been in the same state as the previous asthmatic that I last posted about. Fortunately God had prompted me to bring adreniline, Atrovent, Albuterol, and steroids when I was called. We had her stabilized within 15 minutes much to everyone's relief - But most of all to the glory of God. I spent about an hour after caring for her visiting with the Haitian doctor, giving her the appropriate medicines to stock, discussing dosages,complications, and medical responses. The importance of my ministry here hit home hard during this time. Helping Haitians Help Other Haitians. This was magnified by the strong hug and cultural kiss on the cheek from the Haitian doctor, followed by a heartfelt, "Mesi".

Having not attended medical school nor an advanced practice nursing program is somewhat limiting in my abilities to provide all of the care I can for the Haitian people. I am praying about this. For now, I'm trusting God to use the knowledge and emergency medicine experience that I do have to help the local health care professionals improve the level of care they provide. This saved one last night.

Pray hard.

Peace and grace,

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